A Valued Life
Vale House is a Specialist Dementia Care Home just outside Oxford. We are dedicated to caring for people living with dementia and supporting their families
Ken came to live at Vale House in 2012
Madeleine came to live at Vale House in 2018
Myles has lived at Vale House since 2017

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the last moment of your life. We will do all that we can not only to help you die peacefully but also to live until you die”

Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement (1916-2005)

Individual, Personalised Care

Vale House was founded in 1990 with one clear purpose: to care for people with dementia however severe or complicated, and to support their families. We know that everyone experiences dementia differently and we respect the dignity and uniqueness of each of our residents. Caring for all that is special in their individual lives and responding to their present needs are fundamental principles of our work.

The quality of the work at Vale House rests on the skill and commitment of our staff.


Family Support

Relatives and friends are essential for the well-being of a person with dementia. We acknowledge the importance of these bonds between our residents and the people who love them and know them best, and who can describe and celebrate the achievements of their lives.

Support for families is a defining characteristic of Vale House and we owe a debt of thanks to Cicely Saunders who made relationships with families, a key component in her pioneering...


Maintaining High Standards

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care. We learn from inspections by our own directors, from scrutiny by official bodies such as the Care Quality Commission and from sharing knowledge with others who work with people living with dementia. Most of all we learn from every comment and suggestion coming from the families and visitors of our residents. All feedback is valuable, because it teaches us how to do things better.